Free Copy-Not Wizard This wizard will create three custom scripts which help prevent image theft from for your eBay auctions. The scripts are free to use. If this is your first visit, please read the information below the wizard first!


Enter a case-sensitive identifier which will identify the images you wish to protect. Example: (see additional information below)
Enter a message to display when the image is clicked. Be kind! Most people who see this message will not be trying to steal your photo.
Cover up URI: (see below)
The Better Mouse Trap script

The Great Cover Up Script

The Mouse Chaser Script
This wizard will generate three scripts to discourage image theft. Each script attempts to disable several common methods used to copy images from an auction listing.
  • Right click and directly save the image on the local PC
  • Right click - view properties and copy the URI of the image. (hot linking)
  • Drag the image to the address bar or desktop thereby saving on the local PC.
Each type of script uses a different method, however, none of the scripts will be successful in all browsers and all machine types. The Mouse Trap script works by watching mouse activity near the protected image. The Cover Up script works by placing a clear image over the protected element as a shield. The Mouse Chaser script allows mouse events to pass on to other functions such as click to enlarge.

You should choose one of the scripts based on your method of listing. More than one script may be used in the same listing provided the identifiers used prevent the activation of multiple events by the same image.

Once created, simply copy the selected script to your auction or template. The text of the script must be the last thing in your listing or template after all other HTML.

All three scripts may be used in other auctions without modification. The scripts locate and protects any number of images based on the URI of the image and the presence of a text fragment or 'identifier.' The identifier may be the name of your image host, the name of a specific directory or even part of the image file name.

Example, you host photos at A typical URI for your image might be as follows: To protect all images in the same directory as dress.jpg you would input the identifier, youraccount/auctions in the form above.

The identifier must be a fragment of text which is included in the URI of each image. It is used to identify your images versus eBay images and other images in the auction such as clickable thumbnails. Take care that the fragment of text used is unique to the URI of your photos only. Using an identifier which matches an eBay provided image may be considered auction interference.

Cover Up URI This field applies to the cover up script only. You should enter the URI/URL of a transparent gif image which is always available to the web.